Understanding Requirements

Exceed Customer Expectations

At TSP-INC, we achieve this goal by focusing on understanding Customers' Requirements.

Understanding tactical and strategic requirements of our customer enable us to provide effective solutions and establish long term relationship with out customers.

Database Management Solutions

Data is the ASSET of an organization. Effective management, storage and retrival of accurate information is important for business survival. TSP-INC provides 24x7 data management support solution, ensuring that your data transforms into accurate information.

Custom Application Development

Application architecture, design, development, testing, QA, deployment, and maintenance of specialized busniess processes that are unique to your organization will be effictively serviced by TSP-INC on-time & on-budget

Custom Training

Effective technical training using your environment, your data and your business process on advanced technology using Oracle, Linux, and cloud compiting architecture.

Enterprise Application Integration

IBM mainframe, Unix/Linux servers, Windows and mobile client, integrating information, data & applications accross hetergenous technical platform with ease and transperancy.

R. I. C. E.

Maintenance of large existing and legacy application needs support. Extracting complex Reports, building efficient Interfaces, data and application Conversions, and Extending existing functionality is integral to application support.

TSP-INC will fulfill this requirement effectively.

Service Oriented Architecture

A pradigm shift is in order. Application development team must "visualize" the application as a service provider.

TSP-INC imbibes this paradigm in all phases of application design and development.

On-Demand & 24 x 7 x 365 Support

Production applications, systems, and technical infrastructues do not provide you an advance warning before failures...

When you have a need for solution and support, you need your IT soution's partner available.

Not tomorrow, not after lunch, not later...

You need the solution NOW.

TSP-INC is there for you NOW and always.

What we do for our clients

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