GWAC Contract

Small business set-aside GWAC

Provides flexible access to IT solutions.

$10 billion program ceiling

Five-year base period with one five-year option

Period of performance

From August 31, 2011 to August 30, 2016

One five-year option

From August 31, 2016 to August 30, 2021

Four functional areas

1.Custom Computer Programming Services

2.Computer Systems Design Services

3.Computer Facilities Management Services

4.Other Computer Related Services


Awarded to TSP Inc.

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The Systems People Inc.

was awarded Stars II contract under C1FA1 constellation

The Systems People Inc. was awarded STARS II contract in August 2011. Under C1FA1 constellations TSP Inc can provide flexible and cost effective IT services to federal agencies.

Under Stars II GWAC contract TSP Inc can provide services including writing, modifying, testing, and supporting customized software.

Applications software programming servicesComputer program of software developmentComputer programming servicesComputer software support servicesDatabase design and generationLegacy interfaces and data migrationSoftware analysis and designSoftware programmingSoftware testingWeb design

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