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End to End Data Analytics Services




with focus on Cost Optimization

On-demand Data Analytics Services

Leveraging in-database Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning on best of breed technology

The future is all about data. We’re firm believers that the winners in the next Industrial Revolution will be those that figure out how to use their data and make better decisions.

Data reporting and predictive analytics don't need to be intimidating. Discover what your data is really trying to tell you with the help of our team of certified data analysts. From data strategy and goal setting, to consolidating your data sources in a data warehouse for a single source of truth, our team can provide End-2-End Data analytics services.

End-2-End Analytics Services with focus on your DATA

Big DATA is NOT a challenge, it is an ASSET!

Transform your BIG Data into business insights

Data had always been, is, and will continue to be the primary asset of any organization.


Information revolution over past 5 decade including computing technology, internet and IoT all produce and manage data. All decisions are directly or intuitively based on the available trustworthy data.

The data available for decision making has been growing exponentially over past three decades as our technology & capability evolves. Enterprises are entering the arena of BIG DATA with little preparation for or understanding of the path ahead. 


Progressively adapting to the evolving technologies, techniques, and processes based on the need for processing larger amount of data in alignment to business objectives is key to converting Big Data from challenge into asset.

DATA Analytics on Cloud or on Premise

Platform for DATA analytics @ Scale 

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Cloud computing is the biggest disrupter and enabler. Enterprises in all industry sectors are leveraging cloud technologies to implement and gain business edge. But this transition come with its challenges and rewards.

Though agility and cost-savings in design, development, deployment and hosting of application are the important drivers for cloud migration. The hidden cost-savings and ease of storing, accessing, sharing and managing large amount of BIG DATA in a secured and reliable manner are more important.

Implementing data analytics pipeline to leverage in-place solutions with hybrid solution that integrates Cloud and on premises assets in cost effective manner is a huge advantage.

A data-analytics pipe-line that is agnostic of location, size, platform, technology, or variety that can be scaled on-demand and cost effectively would be most desirable.

DATA & Database Management

Manage your Databases and DATA at peak performance 

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Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and insight through IoT  today, depends on accessibility to accurate, curated, and reliable data in time.


Easy and effective access to data is supported over past half a century using relational databases (it's extensions including NoSQL) using time tested RDBMS architecture and SQL.


SQL has since been a reliable, scalable, and omnipresent data-language to access, manage and administer data across data storage platforms supported by industry leading Relational Database Vendors.

Today 90%+ business data stored in the worlds are accessed and manipulated using SQL, with key challenge being access performance and speed.